Leaving the EGO-centric worldview behind seems more difficult than the GEO-centric one 500 years ago

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It is the fashion of New Age Religion to promote the idea “You are already God a Buddha” – “Stop trying so hard-it is already in your hands”. They do not realize that this is just yet another symptom of the USA virus that whispers THE SECRET in your ears “It is all within your reach-just apply the law of Attraction – no luck, fate, god or effort is needed”.

Maybe you think that “Certainly this is not 100% true – but it can not harm to EMPOWER each other with positive vision”. However have you ever thought how many especially US Americans have depression because their life is miserable, they lost their job, their relationship is in ruins and they cannot keep up with paying their Credit cards minimum payment anymore BUT they are seeing everywhere the slogan :

“The only one who can stand in your own way is YOURSELF”

And they have read THE SECRET and dozens and other such books and tried hard to apply it – but no change!

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