Why New Age is off track – just as modern science

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Dear Kiran,

I understood that this scientist , Gregg Bradden – is not a reliable source of information http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/doomsday-predictions-their-source-and-their-effect/ . You often colide with nonsense of „new age religion“ in your posts, but could you make clear in what exactly. Are they right in anything at all, (I don’t mean that everything will be good forever and we will not experience nothing bad in our lives), do you share any ideas with them, for example how can our conscious mind (thinking) improve our lives ? Continue reading

Purpose – creator – liberation – reincarnation

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OR How to get out of your Bubble

Here are a few questions – which I think everyone would want to ask himself – so I publish my answers for everyone :

Dear Kiran

I have got some questions to be answered.
1. the purpose of human life.
2. the cause of human life.
3. do you believe that, is their a creator? or it was just a natural cause of “cause and effect”
4. do human`s get salvation or only liberation?  and liberation or salvation from what?
5. do you believe in re-incarnation? If so re-incarnation of what part of human existence?
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Leaving the EGO-centric worldview behind seems more difficult than the GEO-centric one 500 years ago

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It is the fashion of New Age Religion to promote the idea “You are already God a Buddha” – “Stop trying so hard-it is already in your hands”. They do not realize that this is just yet another symptom of the USA virus that whispers THE SECRET in your ears “It is all within your reach-just apply the law of Attraction – no luck, fate, god or effort is needed”.

Maybe you think that “Certainly this is not 100% true – but it can not harm to EMPOWER each other with positive vision”. However have you ever thought how many especially US Americans have depression because their life is miserable, they lost their job, their relationship is in ruins and they cannot keep up with paying their Credit cards minimum payment anymore BUT they are seeing everywhere the slogan :

“The only one who can stand in your own way is YOURSELF”

And they have read THE SECRET and dozens and other such books and tried hard to apply it – but no change!

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Kiran comments on Amit Goswami’s talk “Quantum view of God”

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Amit, you proposes that an understanding of quantum laws would inspire people to be good to each other ?!  For you the idea of a “God on a Throne” is outdated and the believe in a God is optional as science can proof the inter-connectedness of everything without a God mediator.

…. but paradoxically in the age of the internet, you put so much emphasis on proving that non-material communication and connectedness is possible – who but a matter-oriented mind can be interested in that ? – This is the same mistaken and outdated target as James Tart’s last book “The end of Materialism” – how about a book on “Lets end Relativism and subjective Ego-trips” – our world has too much of this and it is the reason for most disease

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Religious freedom

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The concept of religious freedom is another New Age idea that is considered valuable and an achievement of human emancipation.

Religion, spirituality and all connected issues are key to the source of all disease. Informational, energetic, biochemical and tissue changes are in the end all traceable to spiritual issues.

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THE SECRET – Confession of our NEW AGE religion

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Summary : Allergies, Addiction, Autism, AIDS  (see below) are all expressions of our sense of missing a sober cultural believes that would provide a sense of identity in a culture that is flooding us with information while holding at the same time that there are no absolute standards to know what is Good or Bad – as we are all such unique individuals

Most people today would imagine that they are free to believe what they want and that our western culture has made a very fortunate step to free us from the dogmatism of religion. Continue reading

Superiority of Science over Religion

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Another New-Age favorite particular in the US american fashion is the  more or less subtle expression of superiority of Science versus Religion. To propagate equations

Religion = Dogmatism (Rigidity, Stagnation, Fanatism)           Science = “Openness to admit Failure”

is particularly part of the US american virus that has spread all over the world – but it is particularly shocking to hear this simplistic Monotype as the introductory topic for a conference on “Evidence based spirituality” by an organization that holds to research “subtle energy phenomena” ISSSEEM by Charles Tart. They certainly have not made the step to realize even more profound effect of “subtle informational transfer”.

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