Communication to the ladies and knights – the promised land

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And all was there, even in past and future all that was there just as the memory that this had not always been like this, all the moments of distress of infinite longing and emptiness – all was there in an overflowing feeling of abundance, but not height and grandeur only but the deepest of darkness and desperation also, petrified solid crystal  experience so infinite and complete that even one breath and one beat of the heart felt an unnecessary intrusion.

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Spiritual communism versus Spiritual Communion 

“We are all One” – it would do good to live this idea. We share with each other so much, same DNA, same cultural history, education, we see most of the same movies and news. Finally we have gone beyond centuries ruled by aristocracy and church hierarchies, were titles and birth determined who you  were and who you could become.

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3rd Communication

Getting ready for 2012…

is to realize more deeply that it is meant to be a frontier experience, like any year before or any one after. Like walking on the beach – waves touching your feet every once and a while – and just like then you will start to observe that you never will be able to predict the extend, to what the biggest wave will make it on the shore. The moment you thought to know the path to take so your feet will get only comfortably wet – and you start gazing at the stars – a wave – out of nowhere – is crashing ashore – making you completely wet.

We are all at the edge of an infinite ocean and there will be waves – some knowing this think to be clever would mean never to built their house close to it but on high ground or far inland and to make calculations and checking the records of history where to safely built. To calm the little voice that still shouts – you little idiot don’t feel so secure – they pray and hand over the last doubt to God – to relief them from worries – providing a good night’s sleep.

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