Transformers of Duality – in Missionaries, Saints, humanitarian heros and the rest of us

Process of spiritual transformation 247w" sizes="(max-width: 371px) 100vw, 371px" /> Process of spiritual transformation

Coincidentally today on Easter Friday, I was led to write this post about “Spiritual transformation”

Duality is considered by some philosophies, Advaita or Kashmiri Shaivaism, a mistake and the reason for our suffering. They believe that if we do not have expectations, we cannot be disappointed; if we do not have attachments we will not feel loss. If we do not imagine ourselves as separate from the rest of the world we do not feel lonely or abuse all that is around us. Continue reading

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The Jesuit Order was destined to come into existence at the time of reformation when a new cycle of civilisation was on the horizon.

The Jesuits were founded by Ignatius the Loyola who himself barely able to read and write at the time of his conversion got the mission to bring mind and emotion, learning and prayer, science and religion together for those who became his followers.

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