Ego 1 – the value of suffering.

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Eckhart Tolle is the most popular living spiritual teacher because his nature most clearly radiates the unshakable certainty that comes with having gone through the awakening process. Strangely however he  is not talking about what made him awaken  but about how to “be present” although this was not what facilitated his transformation.

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Mind-fullness or Mind-distance – that is the question

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Some say that by keeping your mind full with what you want – the universe will provide it to you (coincidently I write this at Christmas and this is what my parents told me about St Nicolaus). Many automatically do this already  but now if nothing happens or even worse, you get Leukemia and a heart attack – you can only blame yourself that you have not wished the right things or you did not visualize them in the proper way. In this post I will describe a much older truth – that by keeping mind activity at a distance – you become able to reduce the amount of suffering  and create more inner freedom.

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The following is an e-mail that explains the illusion of  “healing” and “enlightenment”, the nature of   “initial aggravation” and the difficult but necessary bi-polar stage in the process of evolution :

Hi Kiran, 

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1. Why did Jesus not die to relief us of our sins? 

2. What are the 2 main ways to increase suffering ? 

3. Why is to be calm and smiling not a necessary sign of enlightenment ?

4. What are ways to add un-necessary suffering?

Buddhism is generally misunderstood as a way to END SUFFERING, however Buddha knew there was no  way “out of suffering” – this way does not exist – not even for him, he suffered a lot from all the misunderstanding in his students and finally died of food poisoning, which certainly was not without suffering .

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 The Anti Ego is hat part oft Ego that is built from information  about  things you do not like.  For many people this part constitutes the largest part of Ego. Continue reading

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1. How is Ego created ?

2. What is an Ego and what is the most common contemporary ego ?

3. What is the general effect of Ego ?

These are the topics of the posts on Ego :

  1. What is the Ego and how is it created ?
  2. What diseases are Ego related and what is Ego collapse ?
  3. EGO collapse is a Reset process
  4. How have spiritual traditions attempted to Level the Ego ?
  5. How is an Even Ego experienced ?
  6. How does DLE methods and CoRe technology Even the Ego ? Continue reading

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What is consciousness ? Is it the love of a mother caring for its offspring – be it human or animal ? Is it the watchfulness of a martial arts fighter that is aware of every movement outside or inside himself – like a an animal on the hunt ? Is it “To be in the moment”, the ability to take care of every demand that is made in a world of moment to moment stimulation ? Is consciousness to “be the impartial observer” who is seeing this world with divided attention between himself and the objects that he is observing ? Or is consciousness only present when there is LIGHT and LOVE and is absent when there is darkness and pain ? Or is consciousness when you have all knowledge and feel above all of it ?  Is there more consciousness when more people are together and less when you are alone ? Does waking up in the morning mean to become conscious ?

Here is what the Doctors are saying at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine – CONSCIOUSNESS IS : Continue reading

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Dear All

I am responding to one e-mail, representative of many I get in private, as nobody wants to take it out into the open?

It is a very honest and sober description of a situation, which many of you will share or know from times in your life :

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Intellectual DLE

With this post I am beginning the series of posts about the 5 categories of DLE for spiritual evolution, which are Intellectual DLE, Awareness DLE, Emotional DLE, Sensual DLE and Life-Style DLE. The division into these groups is arbitrary to a certain degree and there is a lot of overlap between them but I think it is a good start as I have observed that in most cases people have a special liking for one or the other as it seems to resonate with their particular make-up.

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