Gratitude the basis of health and aim of spirituality

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Again it was Recognizing Coincidence that made me understand another informational principle.

I am in Thailand and was invited to one of the many offering ceremonies. Hundreds of Thais sit on the floor on a supermarket parking lot at 7 in the morning. Everyone has brought bags or whole boxes of foods and common household articles like washing powder and tooth paste that will handed over to the 30 monks that preside over this gathering.

On the same day I get several Google alerts that that point to a new study about the health effects and particularly the improved Heart Rate Variability of those who practice some form of Gratitude.

If you view religious practices from this point you may understand that prayer  is not intended to make God know of what you need or feel  or even coerce the deity into full filling your wishes because of your  offering but that both are expressions of Gratitude.

PRESENCE is certainly a very profound and transformative spiritual practice, however presence without the emotion of GRATITUDE can easily turn into cold aloofness that leads nowhere. On the other hand gratitude will always have a certain degree of presence.

If you have ever tried to be grateful without any particular cause or be grateful not directed at anyone in particular you might have discovered a great secret – it creates a very rewarding experience of warmth and centeredness. This kind of unconditional Gratitude opens all doors, it softens any hardness in oneself or others, it opens you to a sense of blessing and provides a sense of comfort that is beyond words.

Imagine you are in your last hour of life or you just have been hit by some tragic event in your life and you have exercised your ability to bring GRATIUDE to any circumstance, you are no longer bound by the common stimulus response mechanism that makes you happy when things work out the way you wished and unhappy when things turned out differently.

Have you ever wondered why it could be useful to increase the sense of Gratitude by giving offerings or presents? Humans have 3 channels of experience and manifestation, Mind, Emotion and Senses. Trying to switch off one or the other with the purpose to reach a higher level of spirituality is a mistake. We have these 3 dimensions in order to coordinate them and make them work together in an increasing number of moments of our life. To the degree we are able to do this we will feel more of the richness that life can offer and are able to connect to people, events and environment in a 3 dimensional manner.

Bringing offerings to thanks-giving ceremonies as here on the parking lot in Thailand will bring a sensual dimension to this expression of Gratitude and make you emotional to the degree that these offerings were chosen with love and dedication, so the concept of being thankful becomes 3D.

You can have the same effect by using our Body-Mind-Sync software when you bring for example the word THANK to the inhalation and YOU to the exhalation while the BEaMEr provides a sensible feedback of your heartbeat in sync. By making mind-concepts like GRATITUDE you realize information – you are becoming a creator of multidimensional experience which is the basis of health and the purpose of spirituality.

Ego2 – Openness for Change – the essence of healing and transformation

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Change is Energy and the openness-for-change is potential energy it is the basis of happiness, health and spiritual growth. Change is the basis of any growth and for that reason it is so predominant in youth while declining with age and stopping often even  before death. Continue reading

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To be unconditional is an ideal, it is unlikely we ever reach this ideal consistently but once we start to understand it and to promote it in our lives one’s world experience changes.

Our cultural program discourages to act without having both a clear plan and a definite reason.  Consequently  most of our life  unfolds according to accepted plans that are based on time-tested experience. At least we need to justify an action that it was based on inspiration, intuition, belly feeling or a hunch because doing something without any reason would be considered madness. Continue reading

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About 10 years ago my understanding of the world changed when I realized that coincidences are not useless, meaningless, accidental occurrences but that they can be used to get an understanding of hidden interconnections. The CoRe System (standing for COincidence REcognition) was the technological result, which since has been used by hundreds of practitioners around the world to find causes and solutions for thousands of patients. Continue reading