The necessary bi-polar stage in the process of evolution

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The following is an e-mail that explains the illusion of  “healing” and “enlightenment”, the nature of   “initial aggravation” and the difficult but necessary bi-polar stage in the process of evolution :

Hi Kiran, 

Thank you for all the work you’ve done and the CoRe system that you’ve created. 

I purchased a CoRe from Sonia in 2010 or 2011. I’ve been very happy with it and have used it increasingly since my graduation as a Heilkunstler in 2012.

Homeopathy in Ontario, Canada, where I presently reside, is being regulated as of March 31st, 2014. After much debate, I have about decided to become a member of the College. This means that my title would be “Homeopath, with training and expertise in Heilkunst and Informational Medicine (or the CoRe System)”. 

Awhile back I ‘died’ and ‘came back to my body’ (to be very brief). I came back somewhat unwillingly. How was I too get the kids to school on time when there was no time? How was I to pay bills when money means nothing? Etc.

Since that experience the CoRe evaluations have made perfect sense and I now use the evaluations function in addition to the remote transmissions one which was the only one I’d been using up until that time. My practice has also taken off with real effort or change on my behalf. I don’t publish or have a website or even have many friends. 

My question: Within the context of Homeopathy (an eminently spiritual health practice) is being regulated here as a material medicinal practice, is no longer ‘putting myself out’ as a Homeopath to the detriment of this world or to for the better?

Truth be told, I am more a Heilkunstler and a CoRe practitioner than a Classical Homeopath. However, after reviewing the legal terminology I understand that there is no legal difference made between Homeopathy and Heilkunst. 

There are no options provided regarding one’s ‘title’. “with training and expertise” in whatever else, is it. It is clearly written that to use the word ‘training’, one must have ‘training’. 

Thank you very much, 


Dear XXX

the last person who can help you with titles and  certificates is Kiran

Heilkunst promotes CoRe – so why are they not training you and give you an additional title they are a school – we are not.

For me titles are nothing – and anyway I promote services done through CoRe to be declared as “spiritual healing”  – which is true and secure http://www.energy-medicine.info/vision-mission.html 

have clients sign this http://energetic-medicine.com/modality/health-navigator-2/legal/ and never anyone has had a problem 

but please tell me a bit more about your “near death experience” 

greetings from Rotterdam



Dear Kiran

As a Heilkünstler, I undergo my own Heilkunst treatment. Unlike many Heilkünstlers, I treat myself and my family possibly  more than others. I transmitted a dose of Med. 50M to myself. I experienced the most profound healing reaction (purging of the latent disease. 

I awoke to a different world, a different me. The process above lasted about 10 days. Reintegration into life about the same amount of linear time. I started by holding my children. They were clearly shaken. I left everything off my plate and only re assumed things if they resonated with the greater sense of higher self. I took long walks by the river. I looked at the sky and the trees and the water. I touched things again and felt their solidity and their otherness.

I identified with my higher self as nameless, with no gender, no title. I was no longer woman, mother, Heilkünstler, wife. I was a spec of evolutionary love and purpose embodied.  My body  (through the ego) is now connected to ‘the source’ and serves ‘its’ purpose alone. My physicality and material activities and surroundings/tools (home/car/computers) are a part of this purpose and not be be disdained but embraced as contributory. (This thought is what helped me to accept time, money, etc. again). The better I ensure a ‘direct connection’ the better I fulfill my purpose, within my body.

I am that I am. 

This does not mean that life is a bowl of cherries and that all is well. Life will still unfold as it should (there are no meaningless coincidences) – but it’s meaningfulness is unquestionable. And little me am not necessarily supposed to ‘get it all’ but yes, know that it is good. (This is a tremendous ‘stress reliever!) 

I look forward to freeing my ego/ontic and astral from my etheric and physical bodies each night. This is more pleasurable than ever

I explained to my husband (bless his heart and soul) that he would be well with a nice Colombian lady I would find for him (on the net) who be far better suited to provide all he and the children needed and wanted (and that I could not).  I would leave all in order and leave him with “everything”, house, car, bank accounts, etc.

I started pottery, something I’d always wanted to do and never done. I cried at the wheel as I felt the clay through my fingers. My teacher sat back in awe saying he’d never seen someone center their clay the first try, or their first month of trying. There was a sensation of no time, of no body and of orgasm.

I began to parent with a greater sense of oneness and ‘boundaries’/’me-ness’. The children have responded well. My sense of humor with them is improving (previously had none), which the kids are reveling in. I’ve ‘let go’ of much of any remaining anxiety I had about them, their future, parenting, etc. 

I have attracted patients/clients (whatever you want to call them!) seemingly from nowhere at a perfect pace of intake for me at this time, about one per week. They are all lovely and committed to the process.

Every day, on my knees and emphatically, I give thanks to the infinite wisdom that the divine plan for my life is now manifest. I go forward fearlessly, knowing that God is my unfailing supply for all that I shall need or want and more.

Thank you for being part of the process


Dear XXX

 Thank you for taking the time to put these experiences in words.

 There are many ways how people have come to a such a complete Reset-event, as the one you describe. Many like myself had to go through a devastating accident or other loss to come to the same new attitude towards life, others through years of painful, dedicated, spiritual work and as not easily by taking a homeopathic remedy as you – so be grateful.

 What all spiritual textbooks want their readers to believe is that this state of transformation is one of  “total bliss and liberation” whereas it is actually as you say “This does not mean that life is a bowl of cherries and that all is well.”.

ALSO in my experience of the last 7 years : the “awakening event that you describe so well” is only a first step. After that comes a phase of many years that challenges you to face all the polarities in your being.

 Yes this transformative event is not for one moment only, it leaves undeletable changes in your inner world, that others around you also recognize. But it is not the child idea of the saint who has made it to the other side, perfect in all that is good and incorruptible by all dark forces.

 This never happened, not even for the greatest of saints like Buddha or Jesus, also they continued to act at times from their human nature, with all its limitations, doubts and fears, up to the last moment for Jesus on the Cross when he said “My God why have you forsaken me” or Buddha when he was eating food that killed him.

 We have to understand that all those who have gone through this transformative process do not only have new and undeniable new abilities but that they also keep most of what they were before. In the bible this is called the “Old man”. But because of the amazing new feelings and perspectives that this rebirth is bringing, an almost automatic process starts that tries to make you blind to all the manifestations of the –old man- that are still occurring.

 Also others that look at you either over-focus on the –old man- manifesting, to show to themselves that “you are not different” or they turn a blind eye to these aspects, which happens often in followers of spiritual teachers – to convince each other of its exclusively god-like nature.

 We have to learn to live, accept and integrate these extreme polarities and this is a path of much failure and learning. In your case the “new woman” understands that all that counts is “I am that I am” but the –old woman- asks Kiran to supply a diploma to make your work more acceptable and secure.

 The old woman has a style of writing that is so super-intellectual that Kiran had to cut more than half of it as he could not follow, while the new woman is starting to cry with sensation of orgasm when doing simple pottery.

 The old woman would give her husband a hard time in many fields, particularly sexual, and the new woman even wants to go out and seek another woman for him on the net.

 I have great compassion with your situation, I am going through this bi-polar nature, since my accident and probably will continue having to deal with it for the rest of my life but I have found and find every day anew the one and possibly only remedy for this meeting of polarities.

 First is the understanding that it is a great honor, been initiated into this phase of evolution, it is something that all religions talk about. When Arjuna is told to fight with his own family it is a description of the confrontation of the old and the new man. In Christian and Buddhist tradition they want you to believe that this struggle is ending once you have reached enlightenment, which however is a sweet illusion.

 That is why my teaching has so much focus on the recognition and acceptance of polarities both in the CoRe system as well as in observations about yourself. Even if you have not gone through this RESET process, it is a necessary and good preparation. We have to become aware of the polarities that we want to avoid in our lives and actually invite or at least make room to let them enter our lives.

 All what I write on these sites is only about the complex and easy nature of this process.

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