Balinese art arrived in Brazil bound for the Casa Dom Inacio

The main reason why diseases like Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Addictions, AIDS are taking such an exponential toll is that the US American Virus made us feel/ think/ believe that individualism, non-commitment, freedom to shop and make your mortgage payments is the way towards human evolution and happiness.


However this lack of commitment is not part of the plan, it creates insecurity and many diseases like the 5 A’s above. The illusion of”religious freedom” just adds to it. We do not need dogma or religious leaders – this is the old ideal of the age of peaces – but we will need more commitment to a stream of substantial spirituality.

Since I am connected to John of God and the Knights Hospitaller this has become true for me and I will show you over the next few weeks how you can join into that – please see here how the art from Bali arrived in Santos / Brazil .



One thought on “Balinese art arrived in Brazil bound for the Casa Dom Inacio

         That’s a beautiful gesture! I hope you sell a lot.

    Kiran’s comment :

    Thank you Gerdy – however its not a gesture its a mission to bring beauty to Hospitals – for a gesture it would be too expensive

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