Faith Healing – Part 3

Here is what was my summary after the interviews I did with participants of the AIM training at John of God

and here some additional realizations I had on the cemetery in Florianopolis …. take not of the very strong ORB that constantly tried to get into my eyes and hear the very loud NOISE at times, that was not a defect of my recording equipment but apparently some interference by entities that did not want this information to be broadcasted :

and last but not lease Bob’s version of spiritual healing, Bob was our host in Pirenopolis the town close to John of Gods healing place and Bob has a wonderful Posada there for you to stay if you ever intend to go there

the second half of this video is my inauguration speech for AIM the Academy of Informational Modalities

Misconceptions about Faith Healing – Part 2

Summary :

1. Strong believe makes Faith-Healing difficult, negative believe makes it impossible


Here are some more interviews about the topic of FAITH HEALING :

Most people out there including the scientific and skeptics community would say what we are doing with the CoRe system is Faith Healing. I want to show you with these short interviews that most of us have a very vague idea of what we mean with “Faith healing” and that it generally today has a very low connotation. But also I want to show you that if we re-define our understanding of it, we can proudly say “Yes we are doing faith/ spiritual healing with CoRe” and do not have to escape in some even more confused quantum-explanations.

Faith-Healing has this bad reputation because little minded priests have reduced it to the idea “You just have to believe – and it will be given to you by God” and THE SECRET has now become a bestseller with the same idea with the only difference that it is not God anymore who is the giver but THE UNIVERSE….. what a quantum leap in understanding !!!

To make Faith or Believe work anything it has to be much more than a strong, willful, stubborn, convinced thought in your mind. In fact it has to be the opposite of it because this kind of mind set “can move mountains” which means it can do work on the physical level, like a CAT earth moving equipment but it cannot move you on a different track of the field of variations / informational matrix.

To make this possible you have not to be dogmatically trained and blindly convinced in your salvation but you have to be open for change = DLE, for the unknown, unpredictable (that church-goers are usually terribly afraid of). You have to have informational tools to make the connection, CoRe can be this tool or another guide that is not bound by crystallized believes who is a channel, a medium, independent of his like and dislikes – like John of God

with David Snoad (in German language)

and with Daniela Andreescu who started this topic with her slightly

negative remark on the first day “All this is just Faith Healing”

Misconceptions about Faith Healing – Part 1

Dear Friends

we went with 30 of the participants from the AIM training to Abadiania where John of God has his clinic

There he receives 3 days a week, daily more than 1 – 2 thousand people that ask him for healing or guidance.

Some of the participants of the AIM training that came to John of God

Daniela from Romania expressed on the first day of our visit with some disappointment “THIS IS ALL JUST FAITH HEALING”

which I took as a reason to make 7 interviews with participants on what they think is FAITH HEALING ? This showed that

for most it was just a word that we learned before without being able to give it meaning and content.

At the Clinic of John of God we are usually lacking words to describe what we experience, so unfortunately some feel forced to apply

labels that are an attempt to communicate, however usually are only loaded with misconceptions of those who

never went for the actual experience.

I invite you to comment what you think/ believe is Believe healing and in the next weeks posting I will show some more interviews I made

and how Daniela and her understanding transformed in the 3 days that we were at John of God.

and then my friend Heinz from Switzerland, who speaks very good Portuguese as his girlfriend is Brazilian however in this video we will talk German

Kiran und Heinz aus der Schweiz, einer der Teilnehmer beim AIM training sprechen darüber was Geistheilung – spirituelle Heilung bedeutet und was es bedarf. Danach ist Geistheilung nicht Glaubensheilung, sondern ein individuelles objektives Ereignis das meistens nur durch unser defektes Glaubenssystem erschwert oder unmöglich gemacht wird.

Willy on Faith Healing at John of God

From Belief to Reality

Bali inspired message


As I have pointed out many times before BELIEVE is as much an obstacle to successful CoRe therapy as dis-believe – if it is exclusive – if one is stuck to either side. Doubt, questioning, temptation, experimenting is the basis for DLE and that is what creates energy in our life, whatever we bring to moments of DLE is been transported by the energy that DLE creates – if we understand this process we can make profit of any uncertainty, polarity, challenge, tension.

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