Anti-Ego – fractal polarity on every level of Information and Spirit

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 The Anti Ego is hat part oft Ego that is built from information  about  things you do not like.  For many people this part constitutes the largest part of Ego.

The Anti-Ego is the informational guide for strategies like Anti-War, Anti-Sex, Anti-Apartheid, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Consumerism, Anti-Semitism, Atheism, Anti-pain, Anti-discomfort, Anti-Insecurity or any other feeling/ thinking / acting from the point  of “Anti…”.

Like with any other believe that forms the EGO it is not that “Anti” believes are worse than any other believe but they are very common and have great potential to become a strong attractor.

The Non-duality religion like Advaita is teaching that this part can be reduced or eliminated by believing/ realizing  that there are no polarities/opposites,  that there is only Oneness and all else just a fictitious creation of our mind.

All our perceptions are based on polarities like light and darkness, soft and hard, hot and cold, sweet and sour and our thought mechanism is also based on polarities like YES and NO. So it is impossible to make anyone live a life based on this idea of Non-duality, but is as sweet idea that consequently will always find followers. The polarity of Life and Death is certainly an uneasy one – a friend of mine wrote 2 books about “Physical Immortality is real”,  he died last December at a young age.

The problem of duality is not that duality is an illusion but that we often do not like one of the poles and label it as unwanted/bad/false/unreal/illusory/ evil/sinful as in this comment : http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/ego-part-1-what-is-ego/#comments

As a result we not only feel uncomfortable when experiencing the unwanted pol but we try to get it out of our lives by ignoring it, sometimes to a degree that it subjectively becomes invisible and some even punish themselves when experiencing it.

The missing link in the evolutionary steps required is often that you can jump right on believing/ worshipping/ perusing Oneness under any name – be it Light/ Love/ OM/ God without first totally accepting the realm of Duality. Not only accepting with lip-service but through many years of practice that does not avoid the polarities. This is the realm of Information which not only comes in form of words but likewise as emotions, sensations, events – all having in common that they exist in pairs like love and hate, hard and soft, favorable and unfavorable.

When we accept that some things are simply uncomfortable/ not easy/ frightening/ hard we do not need to build the whole construct that turns them into something that should be avoided at all cost. This however gets more difficult in a culture that holds ideas like “Take it easy”, “All is light”, “Everyone is beautiful”, “All you do is right for you”. All based  on the believe that duality is not real, which is true on the soul-level but to bypass the realm of duality will not work.

This is a reaction to a totally misunderstood concept of “Evil” in religion. Genesis narrates that the serpent tempted Eve by telling her “”God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil””… and that is exactly what they got – the concept of “good and evil”, but what they did not get and what is the whole purpose of many lives is the understanding that the GOOD has the possibility to get better not despite of the Evil but because of it. (Goethe Faust lets Mephisto say “I am the force that only wants evil while always creating the Good”).

The purpose of life is not to believe in Non-Duality nor in Devil or Sin but first to get more and more accepting for the difficult or “untouchable” in our lives.  How do you get more accepting? Not by lip-service but by living these “untouchable” situations with more willingness, realizing that they are the way to transform us into something better than what we are.

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

Walt Whitman






4 thoughts on “Anti-Ego – fractal polarity on every level of Information and Spirit

  1. Hi Kiran,
    I find all these posts on Ego highly refreshing, accurate and inspiring. It helps in my professional life and personal life too. It comes to mind every time something I reject comes to me.
    Great therapy that saves a lot of time


    Kiran’s comment: Consciousness is what can see the different parts of EGO – that which wants to change it is generally only another part of the EGO.

  2. That’s a profound and powerful definition contained in just a short phrase.

    Kiran : Yes Consciousness is what can see the Ego – and that which wants to change is usually Ego itself – BUT don’t think
    that if you do have a lot of drive to change all the nonsense you see it is because you are all consciousness

  3. Consciousness seems to enjoy the play of His earthly egos and everyone and everything is an actor or a piece of the setting.
    One can serve his purpose / destiny without being trapped in his own sense of importance and loose sight and reverence for the Great Picture.


    Kiran : the main thing which makes it so difficult is that the EGO that COnsciousness has to manifest through is not “HIS” its just an impermanent and so so speak “rented” informational vehicle, just like the body. To disentangle consciousness from Ego (informational matrix) is the job of many life-times – where Consciousness gets many different Egos to disengage from – its relatively easy to realize one is not the body – but much more to see moment to moment that ONE (consciousness) is also not the program that manifests through the body.

    And actually what makes it so difficult as this is what “Conscience” has to realize while “Consciousness” is the feeling that it is all-and-everything – the last and greatest DLE that is a potential to be lived.

    • Yes it takes many lifetimes for the self to realize that he doesn’t own his own mind but just tap to the informational realm like a radio receive different channels.
      Until then, he will identify with his believes and believe systems that are just a conglomerate of his past experiences and memories from the different information he has received.
      He will stick to it and structure an ego out of it that will give him a sense of unity and stability (until the next break through / down!), a specific personality.
      The self will tap to the information realm and find his way to satisfy its lust for power, greed, blood, sex or fame that he feels his physical incarnation needs in order to survive or dominate on earth.
      Strong of his knowledge, the self and his ego, while on earth, will tend to make the most of this information in order to collect what could glorify him, oblivious that all forms of energy and information are not what will survive him. Everything will return to the energy and informational realms.
      He will have to come again and again until he realize that ultimately, there is a Creator and his breath of life that inhabits his ribcage is just a gift from this Creator.
      Having realized what he is = a sparkle of his creator living in an impermanent body with a frequency receptor in his head, he will also realize that love inhabits his chest and actually is the very essence of this creation and creator.
      A question may then arise to him? What to do with this information, body and Love?
      That’s where he can get his consciousness tuned with his creator and act upon it.

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