2 thoughts on “Adveita – ONENESS – Duality or possibly both ?

  1. Just like with my headphones, if I zoom out I am happy to be experiencing all of these questions and experiences. It has been a very rich exploration so far, and I have especially enjoyed our email conversations. I liked all of your comments on the new blog post. Advaita is a beautiful teaching, but it is just as prone as any belief system of becoming rigid. I joke sometimes about Advaita fundamentalists who as you said, use lots of verbal gymnastics to try and hold onto their viewpoint. Sometimes they can seem to have one answer to every question. When that answer is effective in loosening up someone else’s awareness that is great. And yet when there is always one answer, then it will often instead confuse someone or get someone stuck in a new place.

  2. Re: Peter Belt.
    I wonder if he missed the point – I’m considering that his thinking about the spot on the coffee table instead set up some mis-tunement within himself. He focuses on the spot and cleaning when instead he had unconsciously some form of stress in the play of the moment. His stereo reflects his inner state.

    Electronics are usually very sensitive to our emotional well being. I think this story plays in an interesting way.

    We look to change our furniture position with feng shui rather than investigating how we feel and think about our furniture and home – e.g., what emotions we leave behind in our environs.
    Instead we try to ‘fix’ what appears to be the outer ‘problem’, when it all came from within.
    Interesting article. It helped to see how I often think about things too.
    Thank you and Blessings.


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