3rd Communication

Getting ready for 2012…

is to realize more deeply that it is meant to be a frontier experience, like any year before or any one after. Like walking on the beach – waves touching your feet every once and a while – and just like then you will start to observe that you never will be able to predict the extend, to what the biggest wave will make it on the shore. The moment you thought to know the path to take so your feet will get only comfortably wet – and you start gazing at the stars – a wave – out of nowhere – is crashing ashore – making you completely wet.

We are all at the edge of an infinite ocean and there will be waves – some knowing this think to be clever would mean never to built their house close to it but on high ground or far inland and to make calculations and checking the records of history where to safely built. To calm the little voice that still shouts – you little idiot don’t feel so secure – they pray and hand over the last doubt to God – to relief them from worries – providing a good night’s sleep.

This illusion of certainty and predictability seemed never as justified as now – we have managed to predict the orbits of planets and even landed on the moon – for the little minds like Einstein – this was prove enough that – if not now – at some point we will be able to predict the biggest wave that will hit ashore and make proper preparations.

We are firm believers and hopers for stability – and really do all to tame the waves like with the affirmations that you make tonight – all the things that you will change in this new year and how strong you will be to make them reality. Yes do it – with full heart and all the warmth of your gentle gaze but know as well and much more that these sweet wishes will be washed away soon by the waves that you forgot or miscalculated so happily.

Stop with me for a moment and see the promise of paradise of ultimate and final enlightenment for what they are – the extension of our little dreams and wishes that make us all look away from terror and tragedy or make us follow it every day and night until we are made so insensible as not to feel them anymore.

See how you quote and follow authority or declare yourself as the ultimate authority of your life – to do what ? – to feel this soothing grip of certainty that all life is so desperate to embrace.

Has anyone truly been made aware, accepting and learning how to NOT overlook the certainty of tragedy in their lives ?  –  there is no more pressing issue than that . The wave will come – the wave that is taller and more devastating than anyone that you ever have seen before


Be desperate, full of resignation, fearful? or courageous and demonstrating your fearlessness in mountain climbing and car racing ? or not better pretend “it has never happened” – “or will not happen to you” – or “if so lets pray that it will be over quickly or have a happy ending”

Take a deep breath with me, a breath so deep that if will stay deep in your lung for the rest of this year, swallow the bitter pill that will make you so sensitive that you will give up all hope and attempt to ever be in charge again of your fate and life. The pill that will make you the laughing idiot that all world will know has lost all sense of reality.

And take another breath and gently lift up your head, feel the breeze that touches your face and feel that wonder that transcends all the argument of this world – did anyone talk about waves ? or about tragedy or preparedness for it ? did you know this person or those he was talking about ?

Now look left – did you see the solidness of things so close to you – and all the air around them – not any less solid then them – do you remember the talk about solid matter ? –  has anyone ever lectured about the massiveness of air ?

What is the end of this story? was there ever any plan ? who would argue about such matter when he could chose instead to squeeze the golden nectar out of the air that enters his sweet nostrils?

But how about Paypal and google adds and all the people that mistreated you and will certainly not stop to do so – certainly you don’t want to forgive them nor should you ? – not culture’s sweet loving nonsense in your brain that will find a way to revenge whenever you are not looking.

Stop again – YES stop with me for the rest of this year – but start now and if you have to think – think and foster all the stuff that you never wanted to think about- that your friends and family always warned you never even to consider – and this will make your thinking quickly so uncomfortable and displeasing that you put it aside like a boring toy.

Ideas like Salvation, debt and credit, like ultimate bliss and enlightenment are toys of the mind just like fact-finding and scientific speculation – walls to finally tame the waves of existence – never to succeed – always to be challenged – By

a god who wants to sit eventually around the fire-place with you not sharing your memories or impressions of the moment but who wants to celebrate with you without another single word – that although it was at the beginning – will have been transformed into something unspeakably better when beginnings and ends have nobody to understand them anymore.

Until then lets make our new year affirmations and read stuff like this or worst make a philosophy about the value of “not thinking”.


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